Monday, January 10, 2011

SugarSync for 2011 vs Dropbox vs LiveMesh - Great Service for Real Estate Agents

I have been using SugarSync for a month or so now & just upgraded to the paid version. You can get 30 GB of storage, sync, and back for $4.99 a month. If you work with folders in Windows XP or Windows 7 alot, this is a great service & a excellent value.

Example: I am a real estate agent & each of my customers whether they are my sellers (listings) or my buyers, each one of them has a folder. Now that I am nearly 100% all digital in my personal real estate files, I have Mozy to do a once a day backup of my files, but now I also use SugarSync as a 2nd backup. However, the primary purpose of my SugarSync is not the backup its the Sync!

When I go to a closing, I only need to bring my iPad, quicky sync that customers folder to the iPad for offline use, and off I go. Every single file is quickly & easily uploaded for backup & sync as I use my computer.

Also the service allows incredible ease of access & sync with about any device including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry.

I use a Blackberry Bold as well & there is a great app for viewing & sharing files. Another example is I was recently driving thru a bank teller drive thru when I got a call from another real estate agent. He wanted copies of deed restrictions of one of my listings. I simply grabbed my Blackberry Bold, selected the customers file I needed, clicked the deed restrictions, clicked email, put agent email, & within seconds, the other agent had a email link to download the deed restrictions quickly & easily.

Just another way a real estate agent can keep very up todate, very efficient, & very organized with technology, and all for very reasonable.

Hope you like my real estate tech tip. If you are interested in signing up for a FREE SugarSync 5GB account, click here and you will get 500mb bonus storage. Again its FREE, No credit card required. Its well worth trying out. - Thanks & take care. - Chad

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