Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time Management in a Nutshell - Being more

My Brother who is a successful Short Sale Negotiator and Realtor ran across these, and we both think they are really good tips. By the way, we both work together on real estate & short sales.

Time Management in a Nutshell 

Be prepared to make drastic changes. Be creative to find and introduce
different ways of doing things. Assess what efforts and activities are most
productive, and which are not.

Manage your emails and phone calls - don't let them manage you. Ideally
check at planned times, and avoid continuous notification of incoming emails.

Really think about how you currently spend your time. If you don't know,
keep a time log for a few days to find out. Knowing exactly what's wrong is
the first step to improving it.

Challenge anything that could be wasting time and effort, particularly habitual
tasks, meetings and reports where responsibility is inherited or handed down
from above. Don't be a slave to a daft process or system.

Plan preparation and creative thinking time in your diary for the long-term
jobs, because they need it. The short-term urgent tasks will always use up all
your time unless you plan to spend it otherwise.

You must plan time slots for unplanned activities - you may not know exactly
what you'll need to do, but if you plan the time to do it, then other important
things will not get pushed out of the way when the demand arises.

Use the 'urgent-important' system of assessing activities and deciding
priorities. Important is more important than Urgent.

When you're faced with a pile of things to do, go through them quickly and
make a list of what needs doing and when. After this handle each piece of
paper only once. Do not under any circumstances pick up a job, do a bit of it,
then put it back on the pile.

Do not start lots of jobs at the same time - even if you can handle different
tasks at the same time it's not the most efficient way of dealing with them, so
don't kid yourself that this sort of multi-tasking is good - it's not.

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