Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A new survey say "Working with a Realtor pays off"

a new report released reports that people going it alone selling their own house as a FSBO average $210,000 verses the average house sold with the assistance of a Realtor is $255,000. Thats a difference of $45,000!!!!
Here are some other very interesting facts:

87% of homebuyers in Florida used a real estate professional in 2005.

15% found their home online.

The median household income of homebuyers in Florida was $73,200

First time Florida homebuyers accounted for 22 percent of home purchased in the state in 2005, & they had a median income of $49,400

64% of recent Florida homebuyers ranked neighborhood quality as the most important factor influencing the location of thier home purchase.

85% of Florida homebuyers financed thier home purchase, and 18% financed the entire purchase price

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