Monday, January 30, 2012

To Buy or to Sell a House in the Lake City, FL Real Estate Market

If you are interesting in selling your property, now would be a good time to put it on the market. We have noticed a measurable increase in the number of buyers, prospects, and overall market activity right now in the Lake City, FL area.

With approximately a 12 month supply of residential homes for sale in the Lake City, FL area, prices are still low & will most likely remain stable for this year. However, because of the drastic drop in home values over the past few years, if you are waiting to see the market come back before you sell, it could be a very very long time.

Perhaps a better plan to consider would be to sell your home now, and buy your next home while price are low. You will loose some, but you will more than gain in the buying power of your money right now on the purchase whether upgrading or downsizing.

Also a option is to sell it as a short sale if you are underwater regarding the equity in your home. This will get you out of a high monthly obligation, most likely settle your debt, and free up your monthly resources. Even though your credit will be hit, if you rent for a year or two, and get back into something at today's prices, you would mostly likely be in a much better financial situation in a few years.

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